Challenge coins are small pieces of medallion that has some group monogram, logo, slogan engraved to it. It is a prestigious belonging for any person. Generally military people are the extensive users of this emblem. For them it works as a group identity as well. There are certain codes of conducts that apply to these coins.

Normally every group member of certain division of military should carry their military challenge coin. They can carry it all the times along with them, around their neck, in a pouch and so on. Even, they can preserve it in safe place. The purpose of challenge coin is to throw defy to someone. The way of challenging works in different styles from person to person.

Generally when there are two people, putting the coin down indicates a challenge. Putting another coin on it showing the reverse side is a sign of counter challenge. On the other hand, intentionally dropping the military coin in front of a group of people indicates challenging everyone around. In some cases, rapping the coin repeatedly also initiate dispute. These face off can relate to anything starting from logical argument to fighting.

The military coins also have some interesting uses. For example, if someone can steal the coin from other; all his team mates should supply him free drinks. Again, when a coin show challenge is there, all people are bound to show their own challenge. In case someone misses to show his coin, he has to supply drinks to all the group members. Though the concept of these emblems was to show respect and as reward, those emblems that mostly denote a group identity, have different uses.

For retired military personnel, such coin is a memorabilia. It makes them recall their good past times. Many also find them as honorable decoration piece. Undoubtedly they are expensive! Unless you earn it, you need to pay good amount of money for it. Most of such coins are customized to fit their end uses.

A military coin typically has most of its use within the army. But being a rare emblem it has grabbed the attentions of others. Many people try to adopt the working concept of it and apply it to civilian areas and events. In either cases, military challenge coin remains as a proud possession.


Source by Vikash Singal

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