Awards and honors have been employed by armies throughout record. There are lots of occasions of documented proof or point out of awards or recognition currently being granted for battlefield braveness or military merit in the armies of historical Rome, Sparta, Persia and other civilizations and country-states of the past. As old as these awards are is the equally historic complaint amongst combating guys that individuals who bear the brunt of precise overcome often seem to be to get slighted when it is time to problem honors.

Today’s military continues this tradition. The us has been at war considering that the 9/11 terror assaults and lots of battles, huge and modest, have been fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a end result of pretty much 1000’s of combat steps, soldiers and Marines have been awarded a variety of medals for valor and military benefit in these theaters of war. Not incredibly, tales of misuse or abuse of the awards technique abound and they are very noticeable to all those who are on the getting rid of close of this problem – the front line troops that essentially experience battle on a everyday foundation.

As in earlier wars, American troopers and Marines of enlisted rank and junior officers holding the rank of Captain and underneath are performing most of the battling in these distinct conflicts, nevertheless they usually are overlooked or limited-transformed when it comes to receiving correct recognition for particular person functions of bravery. Official information suggest that whilst many Bronze Star Medals have been awarded to these junior troops, an awesome amount of these medals have been issued to far more senior enlisted customers and officers, lots of of whom by no means go away the rather safe confines of ahead operating bases. When quite a few of these Bronze Stars are for meritorious service vice precise valor, it does seem that there is a excellent quantity of bias in the favor of discipline quality officers and higher than, as very well as senior non-commissioned officers, when awards boards in all branches determine who is likely to obtain military honors.

To counter this trouble, all of the solutions have a short while ago performed or are in the procedure of conducting sweeping reviews of their awards procedures. It will be attention-grabbing to see if true progress will be manufactured, resulting in a much more equitable military awards program. A single can only hope that the front line fighters will be more sufficiently recognized for their battlefield heroism.


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