The Special Forces are specialists in their field and are often given the Special Forces Challenge Coin in recognition for their expertise and dedication. The coins are manufactured in various sizes, shapes, designs and are similar to challenge coins given to other members of the military except there is an even deeper meaning for those who receive them.

The Special Forces challenge coins are given to military members who provide numerous services including hostage rescue, counter-terrorism operations, surveillance and recovery of military information in hostile situations and demolition missions. In addition to the risk that is experienced by members of the military on regular missions, the elite members that perform high-risk missions are honored for their contributions with these coins.

Special Operations Units

Army Rangers, Green Berets and Delta Force, the Navy SEALS, the Marine’s Force Recon and Scout Snipers and the Air Force’s Pararescuemen are just a few of the special operations units of the military. Special Forces provide their services during peace and wartime. As a way of honoring their unique talents and the ‘behind the scenes’ duties that are performed, Special Forces challenge coins are given.

Representing a Bond

The coins represent much more than belonging to a particular group. Because these members often work very closely and have to rely on each other in areas where total isolation is necessary, they develop a special bond. This bond quite frequently extends to their personal life long after their military service is completed. The coins received may contain anything that has a special meaning to the members of the group. This includes text or an insignia representing their branch of the military.

They may also include a motto or other saying that is specific to the group. One type is the Green Beret challenge coin. It features a green beret, a sword and the words, “De Oppresso Liber” at the top and “Liberate from Oppression” at the bottom. Another type includes ‘U.S. Army Special Forces” on the coin. There are older vintage Special Forces challenge coins that are highly regarded by collectors. They are made from silver and bronze.

The coins may also contain emblems and the words, “Duty, Honor, Country and Proudly Served.” Others have theU.S.flag and an eagle. The coins can vary according to the preference of the person who is having them made. Their main objective is to convey the camaraderie among the members of the group and to commemorate the time shared and missions accomplished.

The Special Forces challenge coin is one of the most highly regarded coins of members of the military. Those who receive these coins are courageous, dedicated to serving their country and committed to protecting the safety of the U.S.as well as their fellow members. Family members preserve the coins and their meaning to hand down from one generation to the next as a symbol of the bravery of grandfathers, fathers, sons and uncles.


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