The challenge coins were originally designed specifically within the American Forces but now they are used in every branch of the military, police and fire departments together with other fraternal organizations to represent a brotherhood amongst their members.

You will find that on the challenge coins that are used in the police department they will feature that department’s logo and with some of them having special designs to show that the owner is a member of the Special Weapons Tactics Team or SWAT as is more commonly known.

Sometimes a Fire Fighter will be awarded one of the challenge coins to show he is part of a team of a specific firehouse and the structure of the firehouse is usually embossed on the coin.

When the challenge coins belong to military personnel they are easily recognised because of the military design that is embossed on the coins but it is a well known fact that if the coin is defaced in any way shape or form then the coin is worthless and has no military value at all, in other words the military will not recognise the coin at all.

The coins that are produced for the military are always produced in the metal of bronze but for other organizations other materials may be used. There are a lot of companies to choose from who will produce these coins for you and will put on whichever emblem you want, you normally let the company have a picture of what you want embossed onto the coins and the company will produce it for you.

Soldiers like to carry the coins with them at all times as it is a symbol of the dedication and team work that their unit have taken part in and will always represent their service time in the military forces.


Source by Kathy Mercado

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